About Us

About Us

My name is Deepika Parashar, and I have a deep passion for authentic North Indian Cuisine. Cooking is my passion, and since I belong to a very fine upstanding, and big family, I am very happy when I am entertaining friends and family. The idea of sharing this passion started from the time I used to interact with the foreign buyers my husband works with. These buyers loved the Indian meals which I used to cook at home, especially the traditional desserts, the recipes for which I had learnt from my grandmother. Now, this has become a wonderful way to meet and make friends from all over the world.

Since the last four years, I have been interacting with groups of foreign visitors on a one to one basis, and have been providing my guests with a wonderful culinary experience, through authentic homemade Indian food, as well as giving them an insight into Indian culture, family life, festivals, and more.

The guests enjoy a fabulous four course meal with Deepika and her family at their home in Delhi. The meal is a gourmet delight, cooked by Deepika herself. Along with the meal , the guests get a glimpse of typical Indian city life, as well as she tells them about the various types of regional dishes ,and cuisines from different parts of India. Because she comes from a big and united family, she understands the need for strong family ties. Also, she explains to the guests about various typical Indian family characteristics, for example the custom of the whole family sitting down together for one meal in a day. Deepika explains to the guests the purpose for a Home Visit in India, because of the fact that India is so diverse and rich In culture.

The meal would start with authentic Indian snacks and starters, along with a glass of beer, or specially brewed tea, or soft drinks. This is followed by the main course, and dessert. The guests can watch a demonstration of cooking of a dish, and know about the uses of Indian spices. She understands the requirement of the Americans , for mild food. The focus is on the quality of experience for the guest.

Currently, Deepika is working with OVERSEAS ADVENTURE TRAVELS, a large American company, which specializes in sending groups of tourists to best destinations all over the world.

The above mentioned program can be used for both Lunch and Dinner, and other variations can be looked into, for specific requirements.

My home is in one of the best areas of South Delhi, easily accessible. For further queries, kindly email me at: deepika.parashar68@gmail.com

My Address: 177, Nilgiri Apartments, Alaknanda, New Delhi-110019. Cell #: 9312645066