Meal at Home

Deepikas guests are assured of the best traditional Indian hospitality, in a comfortable and homely manner.

The emphasis is on lively conversation, accompanied by delicious snacks and food.

The main purpose is to give the guests an insight as to what Indian Culture is all about and the Indian way of life.

To enhance the unique personal touch , Deepika does all the cooking herself. The family also pitches in, to make the visit the high point of the guests entire trip.

Day at Home

Deepika and her family greet their guests personally at the front door.

After introductions and a round of traditional snacks and refreshments, the guests can have a tour of the house.

Deepika shows her guests what she´s serving in the main meal. A cooking demonstration is optional. The guests get a first hand feel of an Indian kitchen, and see all the spices and other ingredients, with their benefits, and aromatic qualities. If the guests are comfortable with the concept, they can try their hand in preparing the dishes.

The guests also learn about various other aspects of Indian culture, like the different outfits, and important festivals .