Home Host Dinner Menu

Category 1 - Vegetarian Menu

Snacks and starters :
Glass of beer / soft drinks / tea / coffee / lemonade (nimbu pani) / mineral water.
Savouries (namkeen) of different varieties / dhokla, home made pakodas / home made chaat etc.

Dinner menu :
Includes the following: (at least 4 dishes from below)
Lentils, rajma, chickpeas, kadhi, eggplant, okra, seasonal vegetables, raita, palak paneer, etc.

Accompanied by :
Whole wheat chapati / parantha, basmati rice pulao / dosa.
Pickles, salad, chutney, papad are also there with the meal.

Desserts :
Kheer (rice pudding) / phirni / halwa (carrot, semolina etc.)
Tea / coffee.

Category 2 - Non-Vegetarian Menu

Non-Vegetarian menu:
All of the above + chicken / mutton curry.